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Fichtner Digital Customer

Knowing and understanding customer needs better

The energy sector is undergoing a radical transition. Utilities face a volatile market environment characterized by fundamental changes, new market players and increasing competition. What were purely consumers in the energy system are rapidly becoming stakeholders – and this applies to private end customers as well as industrial ones. Umpteen questions are waiting to be answered: Which customer needs will I have to address in the future? With which products and services? What will my sustainable business model be?

One answer will certainly lie in a stronger customer focus, in an improved approach to meeting their expectations and needs. Other sectors are already showing the way. “Always, everything, immediately, conveniently, at low cost” is the motto of the customer journey in the digital world. Energy utilities will also have to measure themselves against this.


Challenges facing your company                                                                      

For a municipal utility, every attempt to move a step closer to its customers means first having to deal with numerous disruptive factors that have to be overcome along the way.

comparison portals


lack of reachability

negative customer experiences

change in customer expectations in the digital age

declining brand loyalty

One of the great advantages of regional energy providers is that they know on average over 80% of the customers in their market. This situation is an ideal basis from which to launch new products and services that go beyond the traditional scope of an energy supplier. At the same time, they can use these contact points to gain valuable information about customer behavior and preferences – provided, that is, they have the requisite know-how and tools to identify and utilize this data and to derive appropriate measures. And to do so for the purpose of introducing a new form of customer management, improved services and optimized business models.

A portfolio of services that turns the customer journey into a local adventure tour could, for example, combine offerings from the fields of energy, mobility, leisure and life/home & garden. With such an internet-based platform strategy, a municipal utility would be able to stand out in the marketplace, open up new sales channels, offer its customers additional value added and stabilize its relationship with them.


The digital interface with your customers

An internet-based platform as a digital customer interface is a great opportunity for energy providers to handle the increasing complexity, rising data volumes and growing customer expectations. And that with the joint aims of becoming more competitive and attaining greater customer satisfaction.

Two years ago, we at Fichtner set ourselves the strategic objective of developing for our customers effective solutions to this host of new problems. This is why we have invested in developing and upgrading existing digital CRM portal solutions. We are working to help enterprises in the energy industry improve their communication, increase customer satisfaction and generate additional value for themselves and their customers by utilizing new technologies.

Attractive offers, individual and regional. Real-time dialog. Public participation in renewable energy projects. Easy payment wherever you are. Fast and unbureaucratic identity checks. Capture of customer data and preferences. Overview of personal energy and supply data. Fast access to financial status report for greater trust.

The e-portal

We’re developing the digital home for your customers. This includes a whole range of services to tie them to your company. Among other things, an e-shop, chatbot functions, payment systems and credit information. From the evaluation of digital customer communication, you glean valuable usage data that helps you to optimize your offerings and realize cross-over sales.

This also includes a public consultation model. Sustainability is an issue rapidly gaining in importance: More and more people want to do their bit and help shape the future of their own regional energy system. Public consultation is the means to achieve this. It gives municipalities, municipal utilities and citizens an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the restructuring of the energy supply system.

The workshop

An e-portal solution from Fichtner is as unique as your requirements. That's why each of our e-portal projects kicks off with its own customer workshop. This enables us to sit down with you and analyze your distinctive requirement profile. In relation to both B2C private customers and B2B business customers. This results in your own personal roadmap through the digital transformation. With individually defined development steps and procedures. For more efficient customer communication and ‘smoother’, more stable customer relationships.

The technology

We have chosen a modular Microsoft Dynamics architecture for our platform development work. Firstly, because we wanted to combine stability and agility. Secondly, to offer our customers the ability to integrate Fichtner’s modules into their systems as they see fit and progressively, depending on their own specific requirements and preferences. In addition, this technology enables us to introduce innovations such as process efficiency through optimized interfaces, machine learning and other analytical functions.


Greater efficiency through user-friendliness

Surprise your customers with new digital services and service functionalities. Clear and concise in a mobile app. The individual function tools are intuitive to use and increase the efficiency of all users. Service staff have access to all (standard) functions such as master data management, customer account creation/maintenance, service interface (invoices, contracts, meter readings), etc.

Fichtner Digital Customer (FDC) functions in detail:

FDC eShop
The FDC eShop makes customers attractive offers covering anything from green power, natural gas, heating, photovoltaics, smart home systems to e-mobility. Plus tickets for public transport or the regional open-air swimming pool.

FDC Payment
The easy and secure way to order and pay for products and services online – from anywhere.


All information at a glance: Supply data, contracts, meter readings, billing, deadlines, payment methods, etc.


FDC ChatBot
Customers can solve their problems instantly. Questions are answered immediately in the chat. Necessary documents are provided automatically on request.



FDC Digital ID
Identity checks on natural and legal persons. Fast and unbureaucratic. Legally compliant transactions and contracts concluded in next to no time.

FDC Self-check
Customers can obtain information about their own financial status any time they want. Changes can be entered directly and easily into the system.

FDC Public Participation
Acceptance, image, competitive advantages, customer loyalty – public consultation in renewable energy projects offers many advantages.


FDC CRM System Integration
In addition to capturing customer data, the system also lets the user identify and save customers’ personal preferences.

About Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH (FIT for short) is the Fichtner Group’s center of competence for IT. Among other things, we design and implement information logistics for technical networks, plants and infrastructure. We also bundle our industry knowledge and process know-how to optimize the customer communication of our partners in the energy industry by deploying digital solutions and to realize new value added potentials for them.